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Forget about the couch! Move!

by 29 MichaelOt MichaelOt MichaelOtIU (2015-11-01)

Life is not endless. Of course, this is a not a secret, but do we always remember about it? How can we discover the essence of life staying at the same place? They say if you don't like the place where you are - move, you're not a tree after all. By the same rule, I want to say that traveling - is an important component of fulfilling life. Let's not waste life for nought but explore this wonderful earth glob! It remains to take a step, just click world’s wonders and you will see all the riches of our world which are near to us. Very often various natural anomalies are just close to us, but we can't find time for such rest. begin reading not fashion journals but brochures with ancient legends. A illustrious poem says "What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare..." Let's change our life!