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Vol 29, No 8 (2011): Rheumatology

• Osteoarthritis
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Articular syndromes and HIV
• Connective tissue diseases
• Musculoskeletal examination
• The eye in RA
• Upper limb pain syndromes
• Fibromyalgia
• Biological agents in rheumatic disease
• Gout
• Lower limb pain syndromes
• The lungs in rheumatic disease
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Vol 29, No 7 (2011): Palliative Care

• Advances in pain control
• Ethics and palliative care
• Opioid-induced neurotoxicity
• Behaviour changes in the dying patient
• Communication skills
• Children with life-limiting illnesses
• Spiritual aspects
• When to start palliative care
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Vol 29, No 6 (2011): Pharmacology

• Psychiatric medications
• Antiretrovirals
• Cutaneous adverse drug reactions
• Drug-induced liver injuries
• Pharmacovigilance
• Drug-induced kidney disease
• Egg allergy and immunisation
• Balance between risk and benefit
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Vol 29, No 5 (2011): Medical Virology

• Central nervous system infections
• Cervical cancer screening
• HIV management
• Mosquito-borne viral infections
• Water- and foodborne viruses
• Hepatitis B virus infection
• Human papillomavirus vaccines
• Infection prevention and control
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Vol 29, No 4 (2011): Paediatric neurology

• First-time seizures and epilepsy
• Paediatric stroke
• Neurological complications of HIV/AIDS
• Traumatic brain damage
• Neurometabolic disorders
• Neurofibromatosis
• Duchenne muscular dystrophy
• Post-streptococcal movement disorders
• Single granuloma CT scan
• Headache in children
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Vol 29, No 3 (2011): Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging

Fracture healing evaluation
Gestational alcohol exposure detection
MRI of the brain
Cardiac MRI
Breast cancer detection
Near-infrared spectroscopy of the brain
Chest radiography
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Vol 29, No 2 (2011): Rural Medicine

Outreach programmes
Care of HIV-positive orphans
Hand injuries
Eye trauma
ARV therapy
Rural medicine as a sub-speciality
Social entrepreneurship
Snake antivenom
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Vol 29, No 1 (2011): Best of 2010

The diabetic foot
Vascular problems in the diabetic foot
Diagnosis of diabetes
Severe head injury
Diagnosis of a breast lump
Asthma education
Allergic rhinitis in children
Cow's milk allergy in children
Paeditric burns
Paediatric trauma resuscitation
Antimicrobial therapy
Cardiovascular protectin in type 2 diabets


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Vol 28, No 11 (2010): Breast diease

Breast problems in young patients
Breast conditions in pregnancy and lactation
Minor breast surgery
Diagnosis of a breast lump
Nipple dischrge
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Vol 28, No 10 (2010): Diabetes

Insulin therapy
Type and relevance
Management in the elderly
Primary care
Cardiovascular protection
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Vol 28, No 9 (2010): Paediatric allergy

Childhood asthma
Cow's milk allergy
Allergic rhinitis
Indoor and outdoor aero-allergens
Ashma education
Oral allergy
Penicillin allergy
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Vol 28, No 8 (2010): HIV-related surgery

Vascular disease
Anal disease
Head and neck problems
Post-exposure prophylaxis
Male genital diseases
Orthopaedic surgery
Soft-tussue tumours
Gynaecological surgery
The paediatric surgeon
Gastrointestinal diseases
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Vol 28, No 7 (2010): Childhood cancer

Early warning signs
Wilms' tumour
Febrile neutreopenia
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Vol 28, No 6 (2010): Bacterial disease

New developments in the lab diagnosis of TB
Bacterial meningitis
Skin and soft-tissue infections
Bacterial infections in travellers
Antimicrobial therapy
Minimum inhibitory concentration values
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Vol 28, No 5 (2010): Football Medicine

The collapsed football player
Acute knee injuries
Emergency medicine
Knee injuries
Sports-related concussion
Muscle injuries
Foot and ankle injuries
Travelling with football teams
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Vol 28, No 4 (2010): The diabetic foot

What is the diabetic foot?
Vascular problems
Lower limb amputation for ischaemia
Charcot's osteoarthoropathy
Foot ulcers
Avoiding foot complications
Diabetic neuropathy
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Vol 28, No 3 (2010): What's new in paediatric trauma?

Severe head injury
Full-body digital radiographic imaging
Paediatric burns
Laparoscopy in abdominal trauma
Minor traumatic brain injuries
Intra-abdominal injuries
Prevention of injuries
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Vol 28, No 2 (2010): Review articles

Antimicrobial therapy
Psychosocial cancer care
The allergic march
Cervical cancer
Health care financing
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Vol 28, No 1 (2010): The best of 2009

Benign breast disease
Chronic otitis media and grommets
Chronic idiopathic constipation
Allergic rhinitis
Parasitic infections in HIV
Parasites and the skin
Refractory GORD
Parasitic diseases and the returning traveller
Menopause and hormone therapy


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Vol 27, No 11 (2009): Occupational and environmental health

Work-related COPD
Ethics in occupational health
Work-related asthma
Assessment of (dis)ability
Health effects of chromium VI
TB in health care workers
Silica, silicosis and TB
Medical certification
Fitness to work
Manganese exposure
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Vol 27, No 10 (2009): Women's Health

Cervical cancer
Anxiety disorders in pregnancy and postnatally
Benign breast cancer
Chronic diseases
Menopause and hormone therapy
Termination of pregnancy legislation
Sexual offences and related matters legislation
Contraception and HIV/AIDS
Compulsory HIV testing of alleged sexual offenders
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Vol 27, No 9 (2009): Office-based Surgery

Office-based surgery
Local anaesthetics
Office-based anaesthesia
Office-based endoscopy
Ambulatory anal surgery
Reprocessing and infection control
Office-based plastic surgery
Unattached operating theatres
Sedation and analgesia by non-anaesthesiologists
When the cheque is not in the mail
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Vol 27, No 8 (2009): ENT

Parotid tumours
Allergic rhinitis
Infant hearing loss
A blocked ear
The dizzy patient
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Vol 27, No 7 (2009): Vascular Surgery

Aneurysmal disease
Claudication of the lower limb
Lower-limb venous thrombosis
The diabetic foot
Cerebrovascular disease
HIV-associated vasculopathy
Varicose veins
Arterial trauma
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Vol 27, No 6 (2009): Parasit Diseases

The returning traveller
Parasites and the skin
Parasitic infections in HIV
Taenia and Echinococcus infections in humans

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