Vol 29, No 11/12 (2011)

Paediatric Cardiology

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Medicine by numbers PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 443

Guest editorial

Managing children's heart disease: a basic guide to wizardry PDF HTML
Rik De Decker 445

Main articles

Common paediatric cardiac emergencies PDF HTML
G A Comitis 448
Pattern recognition in paediatric ECGs: the hidden secrets to clinical diagnosis PDF HTML
Liesel Andrag, R de Decker 452
Managing congenital heart disease and comorbidities - Opening a Pandora’s box? PDF HTML
Rik De Decker, E van der Merwe 456
Rheumatic heart disease and the ASAP programme: fresh insights into an old disease PDF HTML
L J Zühlke 460
Anaesthesia for congential heart disease: Pointers and pitfalls PDF HTML
J M Thomas 463
Congenital Heart Surgery: What we do to your patient PDF HTML
John Hewitson, Rik De Decker 467
Drugs for the paediatric heart PDF HTML
John Lawrenson, Harold Pribut, Liesl Zuhlke 471
Neonatal cardiac emergencies PDF HTML
G A Comitis 475

More about

The role of epigenetics in the origin of congenital heart disease PDF HTML
Rik De Decker 479
Defibrillation and cardioversion in children: demystifying the shock of shocking PDF HTML
B Rossouw 480


Finally, a vaccine against malaria PDF HTML
HPV vaccine prevents anal intraepithelial neoplasia in young gay men PDF HTML
Encouraging families to move from poor neighbourhoods reduces obesity PDF HTML
No evidence of link between cell phone use and nervous system tumours PDF HTML

AIDS briefs

Poor adherence not enough to cause development of MDR-TB PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 482

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News Bites PDF HTML
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