Vol 31, No 3 (2013)


Table of Contents

Editor's Choice

Tackling the McDreamy complex - a UCT medical student's perspective on neurosurgery PDF HTML
Sean Andrew Tromp, Richard Joseph Burman 72-73

Guest editorial

What can a neurosurgeon do for you? PDF HTML
Graham Fieggen 74

Main articles

Emergency presentation of neurosurgical conditions PDF HTML
Barend Johan Malan, Patrick Semple 75-79
Distinguishing neurological from non-organic conditions PDF HTML
J M N Enslin, A Taylor 80-84
Raised intracranial pressure: What it is and how to recognise it PDF HTML
David Roytowski, Anthony Figaji 85-90
Minor head trauma – when does this become a major headache? PDF HTML
N Mjoli, G Fieggen 91-95
An approach to the painful upper limb PDF HTML
E Mogere, T Morgado, D Welsh 96-101
Intracranial haemorrhage PDF HTML
Mohamed Ben Husein, David Le Feuvre 102-106

More about

Recognising congenital anomalies of the nervous system PDF HTML
E Wegoye, L Padayachy 107-109
Cervical spondylotic myelopathy – natural history and role of surgery PDF HTML
T Morgado, D Welsh 109-111
Neurosurgical complications of HIV PDF HTML
Ncedile Mankahla, Sally-Jane Rothemeyer 112-113
The transition from childhood into adulthood – a challenge in living with cerebral palsy PDF HTML
Nelleke Langerak, Graham Fieggen 113-114


Abstracts PDF HTML
Bigger babies for women given antimalarial prophylaxis during pregnancy
Long term outcomes of treatment for prostate cancer
Reduction in preterm birth – a public health benefit of smoking restriction
The end for PUFAs?

AIDS briefs

Was higher viral load responsible for the African HIV epidemic? PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 117

News bites

News Bites PDF HTML
Marijke Maree 118-119

CPD Questionnaire

CPD Questionnaire PDF