Vol 31, No 10 (2013)

Medicine for the elderly

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'Me medicine' PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 351

Guest editorial

Medicine in the elderly: Unique challenges and management PDF HTML
Sebastiana Kalula 352

Main articles

Frailty PDF HTML
Linda de Villiers 353-357
Management of hypertension in older persons – specific considerations PDF HTML
Jean Paul Emeriau, Sebastiana Kalula 358-362
Current concepts in the management of delirium PDF HTML
India Butler, Lindy Sinclair, Brent Tipping 363-366
Ethical and medico-legal aspects of dementia PDF HTML
Felix C V Potocnik 367-370
Assessment of driving capacity in persons with dementia PDF HTML
Kathleen Ross 371-372
Pharmacotherapy for the treatment of osteoporosis in the elderly PDF HTML
Joel Dave 373-376

More about

Movement disorders in the elderly PDF HTML
Jonathan Carr 377-378
Falls prevention in older persons PDF HTML
Robert Cumming 378-381


Abstracts PDF HTML
Comparative effectiveness of exercise and drug interventions on mortality outcomes: Meta-epidemiological study
Effectiveness of interdisciplinary primary care approach to reduce disability in community dwelling frail older people: cluster randomised controlled trial
Long-term cognitive impairment after critical illness

AIDS briefs

Home-based counselling and testing achieves very high testing rates in Kenya PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 383

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News bites PDF HTML
Chris Bateman 384

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