Vol 25, No 11 (2007)

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Health for all PDF
Bridget Farham 517

Guest editorial

Specialist referral - when is it appropriate? PDF
V Burch 518

Main articles

Cardiology - when to refer PDF
P Commerford, A Doubell 520
The abnormal chest X-ray - when to refer to a specialist PDF
O Mzileni 526
Diabetes care: when is (specialist) referral needed? PDF
W F Mollentze 534
Patients attending antiretroviral clinics: when and why to refer PDF
G Meintjes, D Wilson, F Venter 544

More about

When to refer a patient with hypertension PDF
B Rayner 556
Falls, dizziness and syncope in the elderly - when to refer PDF
L de Villiers, B Tipping 557
TB patients not improving on therapy PDF
P A Willcox 562

News bites

News bites PDF
Chris Bateman 564


Abstracts PDF

AIDS briefs

AIDS briefs PDF
Bridget Farham 570