Vol 23, No 1 (2005)

Table of Contents

A child with Barth syndrome PDF
Jeannette Thorpe 32
Rickets PDF
Bridget Farham 33
AIDS overview PDF
Bridget Farham 35
Genetics online PDF
Fred N Sanders 37
Hypertension is still an important risk factor PDF
Servier Laboratories 40
Medifile PDF
Medifile Medikredit 46
By the way PDF
Bridget Farham 48

Editors comment

Beyond the hype PDF
Bridget Farham 1

Guest editorial

The Human Genome Project: from benchtop to bedside PDF
Rik De Decker 5

Main articles

Humankind's most exciting journey: The Human Genome Project PDF
Raj Ramesar 8
The Human Genome Project in clinical perspective: The emperor's new clothes? PDF
Rik De Decker 14
Genetic testing and related ethical issues PDF
J Greenberg 18
Genetics and molecular diagnosis of cardiomyopathy: What every doctor should know PDF
B M Mayosi 22
Genomics from the heart: Cot death and the long QT syndrome PDF
Ric De Decker 26

More about

Unravelling the fragile X syndrome PDF
K Fieggen 29
Medical informatics and bio-informatics: The information revolution and medicine PDF
M T Rebello 30

Case Reports

Subacute necrotising fasciitis PDF
Bridget Farham 34


Abstracts PDF