Vol 26, No 5 (2008)


Table of Contents

Editors comment

Common and often poorly managed PDF
Bridget Farham 229

Guest editorial

Anaemia PDF
B Jacobson 230

Main articles

Diagnosing and managing iron deficiency anaemia in adults PDF
K Gunther 232
Anaemia of chronic disease PDF
G Bihl 238
Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in children PDF
D Jacobson 242
Iron defciency anaemia - a gastroenterologist's perspective PDF
P H Barrow 246
Ensuring the safety of blood transfusions in South Africa PDF
S Gulube, G Moshi, F Ledwaba 251

More about

Haemoglobin solutions - where are we going? PDF
L J Levien, J M Blanckenberg 254
Cell salvage techniques - a practical aproach PDF
J G Oosthuysen 256

Clinical pharmacology

Primary drug-induced anaemia and the importance of adverse drug reaction (ADR) monitoring PDF
R Leisegang, M Blockman 257


Erectile Dysfunction PDF
S Sinha 260

News bites

News bites PDF
Chris Bateman 266

CPD Questionnaire

CPD Questionnaire PDF